How did Diskko come to be?

In 2012, I started a small group of skateboarders from my local skatepark. We called ourselves 'Unique Skateboards'. Over time, the group disbanded and I went on my own path, starting a new group of skaters along with two friends who attended my High School. In 2014, we turned our "club" into a so-called company - 'RealWorld Hardware'. We produced skateboarding hardware, stickers and tee shirts. Selling only a few packs of hardware and close to 10 tee shirts, we were unprofitabble and were made fun of in our local skateboarding community. After keeping the company running for almost two years, I realized that it was a failure and proceeded to shut it down in the autumn of 2015. Shutting down the company did not stop me from working hard to achieve success. Throughout the winter and spring of 2016, I did a lot of research about the process of starting a company. I worked hard to determine what I wanted to do and what field I wanted to approach in a new company. By the end of the spring of 2016, I had developed a full plan for a new company. This company, what we now know as 'Diskko', launched in the early summer of 2016.

Why 'Diskko'?

I came up with the name 'Diskko' while on a trip to Spain in early 2016. The name sounds similar to 'disco', the genre of music. Disco music always got me in the mood to ride my skateboard. Enjoying a session at the local park or in the streets while listening to the disco classics was one of my favorite feelings. The style of the time period (70's and 80's) offered motivation and inspiration. Although I wanted to use this as a motive or foundation for my company, I wanted to be different and creative, and spell 'disco' in a different way. The logo, as seen on the top of this page, is inspired by the font styles used on 70's posters. A modern look was applied to it to make sure that it tied the two time periods together.