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  • Jaden Evelyn

How to Name Your New Clothing Brand

The name behind a clothing brand is one of its most important identifiers, obviously, but it also serves as an asset. My brand is called NeverInvited - this name came to mind when I was home for the summer after graduating high school. I took the summer as a break from the craziness of the typical work/school life and realized that I was interested in a lifestyle that felt unattainable. I became obsessed with a world where I could be myself as an individual and be recognized and praised for my accomplishments as myself, but I felt like it was impossible to get there. I felt that this lifestyle didn’t exist, but I wanted to connect with others who felt similarly, through a big passion of mine - clothing and fashion. Being NeverInvited is all about being an individual - “F*ck your thing, I’m going to do mine. You’re not invited to do my thing and I’m not invited to do yours.” I named my brand after something that I felt I could speak on and something that meant a lot to me personally, because I felt that I could best express my creativity this way.

I encourage all up-and-coming clothing brand entrepreneurs to dig deep and focus on a personal connection for your brand name. After all, it’s an asset, and you want it to work with you, almost like a business partner. Remember, as much of an artist as you may be, running a clothing brand is a business. You must also consider your business presence and how your brand name will affect this. Get creative, be unique, and don’t rush it - the perfect name will come. Check out this TED talk about how to create a great brand name.

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